Pop-up exhibition spaces

A series of pop-up exhibition spaces with Biomorphis architects for Design Informatics.

The first design (2016-17) was a low-cost, modular solution that could be built in a day and was extensible and highly hackable. Made from standard sheets of OSB 3 that were CNC routed and built into portable cassettes. The surface pattern was generated using a Grasshopper plugin for Rhino and was applied to both the inner and outer surfaces of the building, each with its own unique pattern. This allowed constantly changing views in and out of the space and ever shifting shadows. A concealed pitched roof, guttering and downpipes allowed the building to maintain it's clean, uninterrupted lines both outside and in. The cassettes were accessible from the inside to allow cabling for exhibits to be installed yet remain hidden.

The second design (2018-) was built around a scaffolding skeleton clad with CNC routed sheets of OSB 3, an approach that allows the building to be reskinned, giving it new life and form time and again. The first skin was covered in pool noodles to create a lush, tactile and moving form. In 2019 4 kilometres of rope were used to create a relationship between the Pavilion to the surrounding architecture.