Interruptive Objects for Transitional Spaces

This is a project about the hidden poetry in our homes and the process of designing.

There are little-loved, mundane spaces - transitional spaces that we pass through many times a day but give little thought too - our hallways, vestibules and stairwells. We miss the hidden beauty and poetry that lurks in these places and so the objects of this project attempt to bring that back to the surface by encouraging users to pause.

Highly compressed time-lapse films of ordinary hallways revealed phenomena that are hidden in real-time. A creased and animated rug and the sweeping sunbeams seen in these films inspired the objects. Compressing time in this manner gives us a simple way of looking at the ordinary from a different perspective to reveal new information.

This is also a project about the process of designing - in a natural and intuitive way. A non-linear process that emphasised tacit knowledge, and Making as a method of problem-solving, was used.

This combination of research method, process and experimental attitude has led to these curious and engaging objects.

Photography by Claudine Quinn.